• What do the frames look like?

The attractive Snap! Display Frame has a textured black finish and fits with any décor. Its clear cover protects the message housed in the frame.

  • How do I know the message will stay in the frame?

  • What makes it vandal-resistant?

  • How is the message changed out?

  • Is there a tool required?

A special tool is required to access and change out the message in this display frame; it does not ‘load’ from the top or the side—there are no open sides on this frame.  The unique design of the Snap! Display Frame allows for a message to be changed in a number of seconds without having to remove the frame from the wall.  We will provide instructions on applying the mounting tape to the frame to ensure the frames remain tamper-proof.

These frames have been in practical use for more than twenty years…they have a proven track record of installations in nightclub and bar restrooms throughout the U.S. and have survived the test of time in some of the roughest environs.

  • What are the frames made of?

The The Snap! Display Frame is made of a material called ABS — a type of high-quality, durable plastic. The faceplate is a clear poly-material.

  • How are the frames adhered to the wall surface?

  • How do I remove the frames from the wall?

  • How long will the frames stay in place?

We adhere the frames to the wall with an industrial-strength double-sided foam tape; this tape adheres to most any wall surface: tile, metal, wood, drywall, wallpaper, painted brick, concrete, vinyl, paint, ceramic, glass, plastic, etc. Though ‘permanent’ (several indoor advertising companies utilizing these frames have had them installed for more than 20 years in the same place), we will include instruction on removing the frames, without wall damage, should you ever need to do so.

  • What type of maintenance do the frames require?

A periodic cleaning/wiping down—each time you change the message, is recommended.

  • Do the frames come in other colors?

We can accommodate custom orders in most any color you might want; however, the cost will be higher—possibly twice the price of the black frame. Call/Email for a specific quote.